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Your personal finances are just that: personal. When you need personalized help to find a loan that meets your needs, we can help. At Magic Installment Loans, we simplify the personal loan process, making it safe, fast and easy to get approved for $5,000 in just minutes.

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In three steps and just minutes, you can be approved for a loan of up to $5,000, with terms as long as three years. Our simple loan form makes the application process painless, and you can be approved for a loan in as little as 90 seconds.

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Magic Installment Loans revolutionized the personal loan market with our lender relationships. We work with today’s most trustworthy banks to find you the best available loans.

We work with regional and nationwide partners to give our customers the best chances of success. Our innovative loan technology reviews your needs and automatically finds the highest loan available, with the best loan rates and terms.

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With easy pre-approval and practical loan options, finding a personal loan is hassle-free. Flexible repayment options offer you a way to easily add a personal loan to your budget, and competitive interest rates mean you’ll never have to pay more than necessary for your loan.

Multiple lenders give you the power.

Magic Installment Loans works with lenders and banks that specialize in personal loans, installment loans and practical short-term loans that fit your budget.

Today’s trusted lenders battle to provide you with the best loan options, and that means you’ll receive the most competitive rates and best loan terms available.

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The Magic Installment Loans Advantage

Why choose Magic Installment Loans to get a personal loan up to $5,000? That’s easy.

  • Unsecured: no collateral required
  • Practical: get an extended loan that fits your budget
  • Flexible: use your loan for just about anything

With an easy-to-use online process and approval that takes just minutes, Magic Installment Loans takes the hassle out of loan shopping online. You can use your $5,000 personal loan for:

  • Debt Consolidation. If you need a loan to consolidate debt and lower your interest rate, a personal loan from Magic Installment Loans is the perfect solution. One low monthly payment replaces all your debts, making it easier to manage and pay off your debt.
  • Home Improvement. Whether you’re updating the kitchen or making much needed repairs, getting up to $5,000 can make the job affordable and even improve the value of your home.
  • Major Expenses. Car repairs, medical bills and other significant expenses can wreak havoc on your finances. With a personal loan, you can tame your bills and stay on top of your budget each month.
  • Personal Needs. A personal loan is just that: personal. So whatever your financial situation, getting up to $5,000 can give you the time and flexibility you need to manage your personal finances.

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